FMWhatsApp APK Download [May 2021*] Updated Version Official

FMWhatsApp APK: The popularity of WhatsApp Messenger led to Facebook Inc. acquiring the application and its company for $19 billion US dollars, the largest acquisition by Facebook till date. Despite being owned by Facebook and having an immensely huge user base, the WhatsApp Messenger application often lacks some privacy settings and convenience features that make the application user-friendly.

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This is the reason most WhatsApp users tend to install and use third-party WhatsApp Messenger applications on their Android device. Even though there are quite many third-party apps for WhatsApp available on the Android operating system, FMWhatsApp is the most renowned third-party WhatsApp client for Android

What is FMWhatsApp APK?

The FMWhatsApp APK and official WhatsApp (original) are both nearly identical applications that both function as excellent app clients for the WhatsApp instant messenger platform. The method of installation and setup, sending messages, receiving messages, sending and receiving media or any other data and files are exactly the same between both the application.

The notable differences when considering FMWhatsApp vs WhatsApp Official comes in terms of the additional features and functionalities that are available within the FMWhatsApp application which are missing from the official WhatsApp Android application.

So basically speaking, anyone who has used the official WhatsApp application in the past will feel right at home with the FMWhatsApp Android app and will also very much enjoy the additional privacy features and user-friendly functionalities that are provided by FMWhatsApp. The best alternative for FMWhatsApp is GBWhatsApp.

File Info

App Name FMWhatsApp
File Type APK
Version v13.2.7
Size 52.1MB
Language English
Supported Devices Android 5.0+
Last Updated on April 2021

fmwhatsapp apk

  • For those wondering whether it is possible to run both the WhatsApp official and FMWhatsApp application on a single Android device, the short and sweet answer is Yes!

fm whatsapp apk

  • You can comfortably run both WhatsApp official and FMWhatsApp application on any Android device of your choice.
  • However, you won’t be able to use the same mobile number to run WhatsApp on both these applications within the same device.
  • This means that if you have a single mobile number and wish to run both the WhatsApp official and FMWhatsApp application on the same device using the same number, then it will not be possible.
  • Even if it becomes possible, then there are high chances of your WhatsApp account getting temporary or even permanent ban for attempting the same.
  • However, if you own two different mobile numbers and wish to run WhatsApp accounts of both these mobile numbers on a single device, one on WhatsApp official app and one on FMWhatsApp app, then you can do the same without having to face any sort of hassles.
  • And that is it. You have now successfully finished creating a backup of all the data present on your FMWhatsApp account and the backup file is stored locally on your Android device.
  • To restore the backup you created, you will have to reinstall the FMWhatsApp APK on your Android device and restore the most recent backup while setting up your FMWhatsApp account.

How to Download & Install FMWhatsApp APK For Android?

  • To Download FMWhatsApp APK on your mobile. Click above button from our website.
  • Once you have successfully downloaded the APK file, click install the APK file from the file manager.
  • Now go to the app manager and enable unknown resources.
  • FMWhatsApp will install within 2 seconds.
  • Open the application and enter your phone number, You will get OTP( One-time-password).
  • Enter the OTP and sign up and start using FMWhatsApp.

How to Update FMWhatsApp APK on Android?

As we mentioned earlier in this article, you will need to manually update the FMWhatsApp application installed on your device if you wish to update the application. If you are unaware about how to manually update FMWhatsApp APK on Android, then follow the steps below.

  • First of all, create a backup of the text messages and media files present on your FMWhatsApp application.
  • Now, uninstall the FMWhatsApp app from your device.
  • Download the latest FMWhatsApp APK file from here.
  • Install the downloaded APK file just as you installed FMWhatsApp initially (steps to install are listed in a different section above).
  • And that is it. You have now successfully updated FMWhatsApp APK on Android.

What Does the “Temporarily Banned” Message Mean on FMWhatsApp?

As we mentioned several times in this article already, FMWhatsApp is not officially released by WhatsApp Inc. Therefore, in an attempt to force every WhatsApp user to utilize only the official WhatsApp application and not a third-party application like FMWhatsApp, WhatsApp Inc. temporarily bans the WhatsApp account of users who install and use the FMWhatsApp application.

  • The temporary ban can be for several days and during the ban period, you will not be able to use your WhatsApp account on any application meaning that you can neither send nor receive messages during the temporary ban period.
  • Even though the latest versions of FMWhatsApp are ban proof (version 7.25 and above), which means that the latest FMWhatsApp versions have a tweak which will prevent WhatsApp Inc. from realizing that you are using a third-party WhatsApp application, if you are running older versions of FMWhatsApp, then you are at risk of receiving temporary ban on your account.
  • If you wish to unban FMWhatsApp account or remove the temporary ban on WhatsApp while using an older version of FMWhatsApp, below are a few methods you can follow to resolve the issue.

Solution 1: Update to the Latest FMWhatsApp version.

  • As mentioned above, the latest versions of FMWhatsApp are ban-proof thus protecting your WhatsApp account from temporary ban threats even if you are using the FMWhatsApp application.
  • Therefore, if you were using an older version of FMWhatsApp and received a temporary ban.
  • wait for the stated ban period to complete, and then update to the very latest version of FMWhatsApp and you will then be protected from any future temporary ban risks.

Solution 2: Use Official WhatsApp Application for a While.

  • Another working solution to remove temporary ban while using FMWhatsApp is to uninstall the FMWhatsApp application from your device and install the official WhatsApp application.
  • Use the official WhatsApp application for a few days and then you can revert back to the FMWhatsApp Android app.
  • Deleting the FMWhatsApp application from your device will mean that you will lose all the text messages and media files received through FMWhatsApp.
  • To avoid this problem, find the FMWhatsApp folder within your device (use any Android File Manager app of your choice to navigate to the FMWhatsApp folder) and copy the folder to any other external storage device.
  • Once you get back to using the FMWhatsApp app later, you can copy this folder to the same location and you will be able to restore all chat messages and media files.