GB Instagram APK** Download v1.7 | Latest Version (38.5MB) 2020

GB Instagram APK: Your favourite social media platform has been taken at next level with the launch of the modded gbinsta. Instagram has been the trendiest application for sharing pictures from uploading videos and creating a presence on social media.

The stories and videos that you have always wanted to share with your loved ones could not be better in the appearance with any other application. However, since every application has certain restrictions, so does the official version of Instagram. luckily, Gbinstagram can help you to enjoy unlimited things with fun, happiness and safety. It’s a genuine and authentic third party application that allows you to share your videos and images from the same Instagram account.

The latest Mod comes with certain features that you will never find in any official social media platform. The customised APK has been made to improve your experience and satisfaction rate. It is heavily downloaded by the instagrammers all over the world. UnLocking Up of the features have given avenues to the professionals.

One of the best hacks for the social media application comes with all the privacy that you need. It allows you to crop images, upload videos, download content from Instagram profiles and do everything that you found impossible up till now.

What is GB instagram APK?

GB Instagram APK Download
GB Instagram APK Download

GB Instagram APK Download

You can easily find modded version of applications for Instagram on Google Play Store. However, you cannot find features that this particular APK has. There are stories, images, videos and a lot more about this particular hack. The best part about using Gbinstagram includes availability of dual Instagram accounts in your smartphone. There is no need for you to uninstall the original version in order to have the modded one.

You will definitely enjoy using the amazing APK that has been developed with customised features and functions. The trusted application can never spoil your experience . instead of that, it would always keep you educated to use the modified version because it has got everything extraordinary about it. You can share images using GBWhatsApp which is similar to regular WhatsApp with additional features. They are not going to be any bugs, issues and errors. Instead of that, your credentials are going to be safe with the company Forever and Ever. There are certain noticeable features about the application that you can Discover only after using it yourself.

File info

GB Instagram APK

App Name GB Instagram
File Type APK
Version 1.7
Size 38.5MB
Language English
Supported Devices Android 4.0+
Last Updated on Oct 18


  • You can star mark any conversation.
  • You can zoom in and out any picture.
  • Notification.
  • Allows you to use the original Instagram as well.
  • Helps you to play audios and videos.

If you are still not excited to download Gbinstagram on your device, we would further introduce you with small features of it as the article continues. Also, we have included how to download Gbinstagram in your Android handset.

How To Download & Install GB Instagram APK?

  • You will be allowed to download Gbinstagram only when your smartphone has enabled downloads from unknown sources.
  • After the download is completed, it’s easy to install the application and creation of account.
  • You can always log into your Instagram account using your phone number and email ID.
  • Put a strong security password that cannot be guessed in order to keep your credentials protected.

Original Instagram versus Gbinstagram

  • It cannot be denied that the original Instagram has inspired the modded version. It has impeccable varieties of features that has motivated 1 billion to download it. In fact, the biggest migration from Facebook to Instagram took place after it came up with the modded version.
  • It has a lot many engaging features, functions and easy workability. The popular application provides an amazing experience to everyone who Associates with it.
  • You will definitely feel like discovering more about the application once it is downloaded.
  • Get in touch with the world of pictures, videos and stories with the convenient and fancy application called Gbinstagram.
  • There are so many changes in the modified version that it ends up providing a better control to every user.
  • The original Instagram quite often spoils the User experience because of major restrictions.
  • We have not included the application in the Google Play Store because of certain reasons.
  • It’s a third party application that you have to carefully download from website and keep it updated from time to time.
  • The awesome features do not cost anything at all. Enjoy the huge variety of features and fun options.

Final words

I have almost shared every detail about Gbinstagram features, download process and workability. If you face any error, the only solution towards resolving it is uninstalling the application and reinstallation. If you have been the Instagram lover, always ensure that you keep your application updated. The best mod for Instagram has a lot of creativity and features.