Whatsapp Gold* APK Download 2020 | Latest Version (28.0MB)

Whatsapp Gold APK: WhatsApp is already such a phenomenal chatting application that has all the features integrated in a user-friendly way. With the mod in the form of a whatsapp gold apk, you can enjoy chatting even better with your friends. The communication application has been developed to customise your experience with the availability of more themes, emoji and chatting options.

People who have been the permanent users of WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp can enjoy this particular mode even more. Install the latest whatsapp gold apk APK and enjoy chatting with your loved ones without any popping advertisements and hindrances. The latest WhatsApp is covered with a variety of features are not present in any hacked version or Original Whatsapp alternative.

What is Whatsapp Gold APK?

Whatsapp Gold APK Download
Whatsapp Gold APK Download

The modified WhatsApp comes with extreme features that have been responsible for more than 20 million downloads in 2017 alone.  continuously, there are more features being added in the WhatsApp variety so that you can easily from the image profile, copy status, use different WhatsApp accounts in the same smartphone and do a lot more.

There have been certain rumours that the golden version of the WhatsApp is known to steal information. However, that’s absolutely fake because the application is meant to keep your details protected instead of leaking them at different places. You have been using GB WhatsApp since long, you will personally discovered the benefit it has. Download whatsapp gold apk APK and enjoy all new features and functions.

File Info

Whatsapp Gold APK

App Name Whatsapp Gold
File Type APK
Version 18.11MB
Size 4.21.1
Language English
Supported Devices Android 4.0+
Last Updated on Android 4.0+


  • Anti Ban policy
  • Notification change
  • Dark user interface
  • Pictures in the chat
  • Changing pictures to the round shape.
  • Status toast
  • Set your name
  • Disable and enable certain options
  • Privacy settings
  • Hide option
  • Dual WhatsApp accounts
  • Advanced privacy.
  • You remain absolutely safe against revealing your online status.
  • Simply disable the typing and online status and keep yourself away from the prying Eyes.
  • Sending document file
  • It’s a very convenient option to send files from one location to another if they are in the form of APK, Excel, doc, PDF or any other version.
  • Call disabling If you feel disturbed with repeated WhatsApp calls.
  • Simply disable the call option and nobody will be able to contact you through online voice calls.
  • install the whatsapp gold volume and move onto the settings of your gadget.
  • Verify your number
  • Enjoy using WhatsApp
  • Isn’t it amazing when you don’t have to purchase extra handset to run multiple WhatsApp account.
  • Normally, you are allowed to operate single WhatsApp in one device.
  • However, with the modified version.
  • The restriction is absolutely eliminated as you can download the original as well as the modded application side-by-side.

How To Download & Install Whatsapp Gold APK For Android?

  • 2019 whatsapp gold apk addition has been modified after extracting the user opinion. Manufacturers have collected what the WhatsApp fans actually wanted in the application.
  • The alteration and the changes have been carried out accordingly.
  • Therefore, more than any other variety of WhatsApp, you will be able to enjoy everything in this particular variety in the best possible way.
  • WhatsApp Mod have been released ever since 2016. Back to back, there are changes initiated.
  • If you find it difficult to deal with the WhatsApp hoax, a better choice would be to either eliminate it completely or simply choose the main channel for download.
  • Also, you would like to tell that whatsapp gold apk is not available in the Google Play Store point it is a third party e APK and you need to download it from the main website only.
  • However, proceed at your own risk because there are certain hidden charges for the premium features available.
  • Also, you might be receiving certain messages in the form of videos that can extract user data. Everything about the mod is unclear as yet.
  • Certain people state that whatsapp gold apk is a genuine and authentic APK that comes with quite appreciable workability.
  • Also, there are people who take that WhatsApp APK is a blunder and people must completely boycott it.
  • It is suggested to avoid downloading any videos, images and songs that appear in the application as a popup.
  • That can end up stealing your data and creating a dubious environment. Keep yourself protected against scams and only use authentic WhatsApp from the Google Play Store.

Final words

There has been no particular evidence for proving that whatsapp gold apk is a scam or an authentic invention. However, we would always warn the users against any search download taking place. You can end up losing all your data to the hackers forever and ever. The interesting background and appearance of the WhatsApp modded version has been the biggest mistake of many users.

There are wallpapers, enable/ disable options and a lot more to keep every user engrossed. Choose to remain protected against any such irrelevant application. Enjoy the original and authentic WhatsApp for ensuring your safety and fighting against cybercrime.