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WhatsApp Web

Want to use WhatsApp on the computer as well? Here is a guide for that. the WhatsApp feature allows you to send and receive messages on a computer system just like the way you did in your mobile phone. WhatsApp web is one of the best features that allows you to focus on your routine task instead of sticking to your mobile phone. Simultaneously, you can operate WhatsApp as well as work on the PC with the amazing WhatsApp webforpc.

Why use WhatsApp Web?

WhatsApp is one of the best messaging platforms invented till date. Slow and steady, the application is introducing new features that come up with great workability. The Top messaging platform has also made it possible to stay active on desktop simultaneously. You can now send voice messages and share pictures straight away from your desktop on the WhatsApp desktop feature.

WhatsApp is now acquired by Facebook and the messaging application remains free to use. The developers added new features that literally shook the internet like a storm. The free messaging application is already ahead of so many paid applications. It works faster and helps in connecting Global users very easily. Using WhatsApp by downloading from Play Store is the most genuine idea of having it. After installing it in your smartphone , here is what you can do using it –

  • Send a single message to multiple contacts

WhatsApp makes it possible to send a single message to multiple people at once. Just select the triple dots and choose the new broadcast option. Eventually you will be able to send the same message to multiple people by adding the contacts in the list of recipients. The + icon located towards the right hand corner of the screen will help you in choosing contacts.

  • Formatting text

It is not difficult to send messages in bold italics and in different formats by using the format texting option. Simply use the asterisk sign before and after the word in order to bold. Similarly, you can also use underscore for italics and tilde for strikethrough.

  • Help to find out the most contacted person

If you want to find out with whom you are chatting the most these days, just find out the same by scrolling over the chat screen. Once you’ve cleared out the message, it will help you to find out things easily. You can head to the settings option and choose on settings option and eventually account. Select storage uses and that will help you to find out the most contacted person with whom you have chatted all this time. This will allow you to find out who is your best friend. Somehow this feature is only available for iPhone as of now.

  • Saves a lot of data while using WhatsApp through mobile data

Over consumption of mobile data not only results in shortage of internet connection but also results in major battery consumption. Just choose the options that you wish to download while you were using mobile data and WhatsApp will be customised that way immediately. If you are reluctant to download photos and videos received from your contacts, select an option that allows download only when you tap on the contents. Doing this reduces the amount of data used by WhatsApp.

  • Allows you to read messages without blue tick

The grey tick automatically turns into blue blue colour if you have opened the message received from someone. Somehow, if you do not want people to know when you have read the message, just disable the blue tick option and you can enjoy better privacy from then onwards. Disabling blue tick would allow you to read messages without allowing the Grey tick to turn blue.

  • Mute group chats

You can simply mute the group chat for as many days are here you want. Sometimes, we do not want to participate in a group and yet cannot leave them. The mute group option would let you know the messages received without notifying you specially for the same.

  • Add shortcuts to your screen

If in case you like to chat with just a couple of contacts, need not open WhatsApp and search for it repeatedly. Just create a shortcut of that particular contact on the homepage of your mobile phone and access it directly without needing to open WhatsApp. You can do the same by long pressing the contact name on WhatsApp and then choosing the add slide shortcut option from there.

  • Text yourself

Want to take quick notes? Simply create a group of 2 and then delete the person you have added. This will allow you to send messages to yourself only. This acts as a virtual notebook where you can note down all the important things.

  •  better privacy management

Simply shut down the last seen option so that nobody comes to know when you were active last time. Somehow, you will not be able to see the last seen of other contacts as well. You can hide away the last seen by simply head into the settings option and finding the privacy option. disable last seen so that nobody is able to know when you were last online.

  •  sharing documents

WhatsApp has recently started a new feature that allows you to share documents as well. You can easily exchange photos and videos apart from exchanging files in excel and Word format. Just attach the document to the chat and share it right away. WhatsApp is also known to allow sharing of gif files.

  • Use WhatsApp for PC

We all love to use WhatsApp round the clock and hindering the work is of no use. Now you can access work and WatsApp simultaneously by simply linking WhatsApp with your PC. Just use the WhatsApp web option and that would help in WhatsApp right away on the screen of a computer. Somehow, you must make sure that both your mobile phone and PC have active internet connection.

  •  keep your chats protected by disabling notification preview

If you do not want to entertain people who simply want to put their nose in your life, just choose the option that allows you to disable notifications from such contacts. WhatsApp will not show you anything after you have disabled notifications from such people.

  •  make voice calls

WhatsApp allows you to make phone calls throughout the world so that you can save a lot on your Telecom bills. As long as you have a good internet connection, it is easy to get in touch with people through the free voice calling feature from WatsApp. You can also choose to make video calls as well.

  • Sending emojis

You could always exchange emojis on WhatsApp but did you know that long pressing and emoji would make them become bigger. Try it specifically for the heart.

  • Quote messages within chats

WhatsApp recently introduced this particular feature that allows you to quote messages for a particular chat. All you need to do is long press the conversation and that would help you to add something to the existing conversation. This makes it very easy to extract the whole point of conversation.

  • Adding date to the calendar

This feature is only limited to the iPhone. In case you have to chat with a particular contact on a specific date, just tick mark the same and you will be able to see a blue underline on that particular date.

  • File transfers

You can easily transfer the media from your phone to PC or vice versa by using Whatsapp per feature. If in case you have saved a particular file in your PC and want to move it in the mobile, just send the same to yourself and that will be immediately saved in another device.

  • Block unwanted people

There have been times when you receive messages from unknown contact and blocking them remains the only way to manage them. Just choose the add contacts to spam option and that would put an end to their messages at once.

Why should one use WhatsApp on desktop?

The leading messaging service is ruling hearts all over the world. With more than 700 million users everyday, the world is using WhatsApp. Recently, the developers have made it possible to avail WhatsApp for desktop as well. It allows you to view conversations on a bigger screen while you are simultaneously operating it on your mobile phone. WhatsApp web can be used on any browser including Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Just before you make up your mind to start using WhatsApp web, here is what you need to know –

  •  You can easily view live conversations on desktop going on your mobile while using WhatsApp web feature.
  • Users can easily logon to the desktop version by scanning the QR code using the mobile phone. There is no password or the username that can be hacked.
  • WhatsApp web does not use memory of any type. The moment you download the image on mobile it will not get automatically installed on your desktop or vice versa.

What are the limitations of downloading and installing WhatsApp web?

  • IOS devices are not supported and that is the reason why you have to face Apple limitations.
  • WhatsApp over the desktop shows all the conversations going on the mobile phone until and unless you personally logout.
  • WhatsApp web just does not work in case the mobile battery dies or you switch off the internet connection
  • You can only send multimedia messages using the Whatsapp web client.
  • It is not possible to edit the profile or delete the conversation from the Whatsapp desktop.

Here are the steps if you want to use the service at web.whatsapp.com –

  •  select the latest version of WhatsApp in your mobile phone.
  • Simply run the WhatsApp web on your PC using the Google Chrome browser.
  • Scan the QR code available on the desktop
  • After it is scanned, you will be able to use WhatsApp web right away.

Step by step guide to use WhatsApp on web-

  • Launch your PC, tablet or a laptop and open the web. WhatsApp.com
  • Locate the three dots towards the top right hand corner of the screen
  •  on your iPhone , tap on the triple dots located towards the right hand corner of the screen choose WhatsApp web option
  • You will be expected to scan the QR code available on the computer web browser
  • Using the camera of your phone , scan the QR code and it will automatically show you active on web WhatsApp after that.

Step by step guide to install Whatsapp web on a computer-

  • Download and install WhatsApp web for desktop from WhatsApp.com/Download
  • Choose the green colour download option to install the WhatsApp application in your computer
  • Find the file in the download section of your computer and double click on it for installation
  • Eventually you should follow the installer steps on your device until and unless you see whatsApp icon folder.
  • Launch the WhatsApp desktop application.
  • The application will help you to stay logged in to your WhatsApp account until and unless you choose to log out.

Should you actually use whatsapp-web?

WhatsApp being a top most messaging platform is available all over the world and supports every possible browser and operating system. It has the highest numbers of users and therefore the company has taken a step forward by launching WhatsApp web Feature. Somehow it specifically supports devices that run on Google Chrome or Opera. If you want to run WhatsApp for PC, it should have any of the two browsers mentioned. WhatsApp web is nothing but a method to chat on a bigger screen. It needs the internet to work and doesn’t create any compatibility issues at all. Somehow, you always need your smartphone at disposal to make things work. If in case there is a Smartphone that doesn’t have any internet connection, forget about using WhatsApp web. There is no disadvantage of using WhatsApp web at all except that it needs a good internet connection on both devices. You cannot create a new group or edit the profile as well.